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Otolaryngology is a surgical subspecialty within medicine that deals with conditions of the ear, nose, and throat and related structures of the head and neck. This Specialty has grown markedly in the last 2 decade. However the knowledge of the same has not percolated to the society. Cases like a catarrhal [nasal dribbling] child, SOM [Secretory Otitis Media], Wax ear, dry cough, adenoid facies etc even today are predominately managed by general practitioners / pediatricians. Many a times these case reach the ENT very late resulting in poor prognosis. This is not so in eye care. Like Eye care ENT care too are specialized services and Early / timely intervention by an ENT specialist go long way for good result.​

  • Endoscopy Nasal [Report / Pictures / Video]

  • Endoscopy Laryngoscopy [Report / Pictures / Video]

  • Endoscopy Ear [Report / Pictures / Video]

  • Early ENT cancer detection

  Some common mistakes noticed:

  • Wax in ears: It is a misunderstanding that ear drops remove wax. Ear drops only soften the wax. After ear drops are administered, wax has to be removed by a trained doctor. If ear wax is not removed the hearing handicap gets worse as ear drops softens the wax and blocks the ear even more. Micro ear suction is a better form of removal of wax than the traditional Ear syringing.

  • Dry cough: Commonest causes of dry cough are due to ENT [Upper Respiratory Tract] etiology. Who else can manage it better?

  • Headache: Multi-factorial / Sinus head ache are the commonest. But majority seek eye consultation first. ENT / Neurologist are the specialist to manage headaches.

  • Giddiness / Vertigo: Commonest is ENT [Labyrinthine etiology] cause. These case rarely visit /seen by ENT specialist first.

  • SOM [Secretory Otitis Media]: The ear drum in these case are intact, hence it is missed sometimes even by a trained eye. When in doubt always get impedance study done. Delayed diagnosis in addition to creating hearing handicap will lead to adhesive otitis media which is very difficult to treat. In India SOM is under diagnosed.

  • Sinusitis: Commonest cause of catarrhal [Dribbling] nose is Chronic Ethmoiditis [Sinusitis]. It needs to be evaluated for the cause and an ENT specialist is better positioned to manage the same well

  • Academic Handicap: 15 to 20% of primary school children, who has no complaints, face academic handicap due to ENT etiology. They can be identified and helped with a routine school ENT check up.